About Products

Toxic Free Formula

Formula is free from cancer-causing chemicals.

At Your Own Pace

No Rushing to Salons, No worries for queues. Do it anytime and anywhere you want.

More Manicure, More Savings

Spend less on Salons, More on Manicures


Qttie LED -Stick pairs with any type of Powerbank & USB Ports

Long-lasting nails

Prettier nails for a longer time.

Easy Application Steps

Simple steps for good results.


Qttie Starter Kit

The QTTiE GELLY fits perfectly inside of the LED-STICK lamp, making it oh-so-easy to carry around. Bring it in your handbag or snug it in the corner of your makeup pouch. Your very own gel kit for your manicure on the go! ?????

The answer to pretty nails on last minute dates, meetings or travel! ✈️ DIY your nails anywhere – in the plane, car, office, beach, classroom, home. It’s possible as there is no smell/sound/mess.

The complete set for a gel manicure on-the-go! Perfect as a gift, or a treat for yourself! Don’t we all love to be pampered…

The Qttie Starter Kit comes with all the tools needed to start very first DIY gel manicure. It is suitable for beginners too.


Ⓐ Qttie LED Stick+ micro USB cable
Ⓑ Qttie Cleanse × 22 pieces
Ⓒ Qttie Gelly color of your choice
Ⓓ Micro USB cable
Instruction Card
*Powerbank not included.

Qttie LED-Stick

QTTIE LED-STICK hardens the QTTiE GELLY gel polish in a flash! The QTTiE GELLY fits perfectly inside of the lamp, making it oh-so-easy to carry around. Bring it in your handbag or snug it in the corner of your makeup pouch. Your very own gel kit for your manicure on the go!

Qttie Gelly

The new technology that provides better results with less cost, less time, less harm, less effort!

The incredible QTTIE GELLY fulfils your desire for the perfect long-lasting gel manicure in just one bottle. No base coat. No top coat. No gel cleanser required!

All the goodness in one bottle.

Size: 7ml

Made in USA

Dry time: Zero after curing

Number of nails: 550 nails

Number of sets: 55 sets

Qttie Top

Glam up any Qttie manicure with the Qttie Top! Achieve a brighter, shinier gel-look finish with just one coat. Protect your nail art and sticker with this top gel. No wipe/ cleansing required.

Size: 7ml

Qttie Cleanse

The multi-purpose Cleanse pad is a life-saver! Vacuum sealed with the special multi-purpose Qttie cleanser liquid, it promises no leakage, allowing you to bring them on-the-go. Even on the planes!

Pack of 11/ Box of 200.


  • Nails smudged right after the manicure
  • Long waiting time for nails to dry
  • Nails chipped at the free-edge
  • Strong pungent smell
  • No able to do as and when, or on the go
  • Dulls after 3-5 days
  • Stains the natural nail

Qttie work towards eliminating all the negative feelings faced when using traditional nail polishes. We want manicure to be an enjoyable process!



× Complicated application steps
× Many nail tools needed
× Long time need to complete
× Needs to be done by a professional

◎ Long lasting (because of chemicals used)


◎ Fuss-free application steps
◎ Simple tools
◎ Complete in short time
◎ Suitable for beginners

For a healthier & fuss-free gel manicure process, Qttie’s R&D team developed a supreme formula to cut down on the harming chemicals and processes.

※ A comparison between general gel polishes used in nail salons, versus Qttie Gelly. Noted that not all DIY gel polishes have ALL the functionalities and characteristics as Qttie Gelly.


One bottle is Qttie Gelly is all you’ll need. No need for multiple bottles, such as Base Gel, Top Gel, Gel Cleanser, primer, etc

Zero down time as Gelly dries 100% fully after curing in the LED-Stick for only 30 seconds! No more having to wait for nails to dry.

Qttie Gelly stores compactly in the LED Stick. Light weight & compact – you can even bring it on your holiday trips!

With minimal tools & products needed for the Qttie manicure, it is easy and portable to do your nails anywhere, any time!


Qttie Gelly Polish is free from these five known toxic ingredients:

  1. Toluene
  2. Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP)
  3. Formaldehyde
  4. Formaldehyde Resin
  5. Camphor

Qttie Gelly was tested to be free from toxic levels of heavy metals. Toxic levels of heavy metals, when absorbed through the skin/nails into the blood, accumulate in the body and exert toxic effects in various organs.

Products that are not 5-Free have risk of causing harm to body as listed above if exposed in large amount or over a long period of time.



Clean the nail with Qttie Removal Wrap to remove dust & oil.

Step 2: POLISH

Paint nail with Qttie Gelly Polish.

*Tip: Apply thin layer for first coat for longer lasting effect.

Step 3: DRY

Dry the polish in the Qttie LED Stick for 30 secs.

* Repeat step 2-3 for 2nd coat of color.


You’re good to go!


  • “That is extremely convenient if you go on vacation or traveling because you carry the lamp with gel polish on it, It does not take place and you will be certain to have a perfect manicure for days because the gel polish stay much longer than basic nail polish”

  • “My first gel experience was really fun! I love how easy it was to use and how quick it set. Five minutes and I could help my husband and son move a couch. This color has such a pretty shimmer to it as well which l will show soon in a macro. Oh,and did I mention it’s 5free??”